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Halloween Fire Safety

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Screams are expected during Halloween season, but Halloween screams should be the result of innocent fun – and not because of fires that could have easily been avoided. There are many extra fire hazards to be cautious of around Halloween time. This article will be highlighting the things to look out for, and will offer … Continue reading

Why Do I Need Fire Safety Signage?

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

As we all know, fires can have devastating consequences, particularly in large, complex commercial premises where organisation is paramount. In such buildings, fire safety must always be at a top priority, ensuring that each employee is prepared for any eventuality. One of the best ways to achieve this is through fire safety signage, ranging from … Continue reading

Why Do I Need a Burglar alarm System?

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Being a homeowner can be stressful. With all of our personal belongings and loved ones under one roof, it’s hard not to get anxious about their safety. On top of this, even if you live in an area which – statistically – is safe, it doesn’t mean that you are not going to be worried … Continue reading

Why Does My Business Need a Burglar Alarm?

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Businesses all over the UK lose thousands and thousands of pounds every year due to theft and vandalism, something which could be avoided if the correct security system was installed. You might not think that something as simple as a burglar alarm could have a positive impact on your profits and staff wellbeing, but there … Continue reading

Factory Fire Safety Checklist

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

In order to prevent a fire from occurring at work, particularly in larger industrial premises with more potential risks, organisation and preparation is key. In light of this, this month the team at DPL Fire will be providing a thorough checklist for your factory, so you can identify and eliminate any dangers. Tidiness From stray … Continue reading

Evacuation Procedures for People With Disabilities

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

A hugely important part of any businesses fire strategy is ensuring their employees know exactly how to respond to a fire, after all, a speedy and organised evacuation can save lives. So, to make sure your business and employees are fully prepared for a fire, it’s vital that you have the proper evacuation procedures in … Continue reading

The Benefits of Home Security

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Whether you’ve just moved to a new neighbourhood, had a slight security scare, or your simply just looking for some peace of mind, investing in a home security system might be something you’ve thought about. But is it worth it? What with the fees, installing, arming and disarming, it can all seem like an unnecessary … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of a Wireless Alarm System

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

These days, it seems as though all technology is going wireless. From wireless headphones and speakers to printers and wireless charging, we’re doing everything we can to ditch the cables. When it comes to fire alarms, we’ve had this choice for a good while now, and many homes and businesses have made the switch. Before … Continue reading

How to Dispose of Used/Old Fire Extinguishers

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Although this is not something which is commonly thought about, fire extinguishers, like many pieces of health and safety equipment, have a lifespan. Over time, fire extinguishers which are non-gaseous will eventually corrode. That is, the contents of the extinguisher itself will eventually corrode the canister or body and also, the extreme pressure of the … Continue reading

Key Christmas Fire Hazards to be Aware of This Christmas

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Here at DPL Fire, through the means of our blog, we’ve made it our mission to reduce fire risks in both domestic and commercial situations, offering tips and advice on how to minimise or eliminate hazards by drawing on our extensive experience in the industry. Now Christmas time is upon us, we feel it’s important … Continue reading