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Security hacks: How To Fully Secure Your Home

Posted on by admin.adtrak

Taking your home security seriously will deter burglars from entering your home, as the majority of thefts happen due to pure opportunity. Burglars will target your home if you neglect to take basic security measures, so ensuring you take these 5 steps, you’ll be sure to protect your home from theft.  Locking your doors and … Continue reading

Common Office Fire Starting Scenarios and How to Prevent Them

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Offices fires can occur at any time, even with all of the appropriate safety checks and precautions in place. Office fires will have the potential to harm staff, destroy documents and equipment, or even harm neighbouring offices or buildings. So here at DPL Fire and Security, we’ll be outlining the most likely places and causes … Continue reading

Fire Safety Tips in the Workplace

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

A workplace fire would be catastrophic for any company. As of 2017, according to government statistics, approximately 25,000 fires occur in England and Wales each year. Often, businesses don’t recover from a fire, so it’s important that the correct measurements are in place to help prevent them. Install fire detection systems It a legal requirement … Continue reading

What Is A Fire Risk Assessment?

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Fire risk assessments are fundamental to ensuring the safety of your employees in the workplace. They aim to identify what the responsible person must do in order to prevent a fire, therefore, keeping everyone safe from harm. What is a fire risk assessment? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires a responsible person (RP) … Continue reading

How To Buy A Fire Alarm

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Fire alarms are fundamental to guaranteeing our safety, many lives could be saved and significant damage could be prevented as a result of their installation and subsequent maintenance. Here, we’ve presented you with the different systems you can buy, along with some cost and alarm maintenance advice. Types of Fire Alarms Analogue Fire Alarms This … Continue reading

Do I Need a Home Security System?

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

The era of technological, camera and sensory advancements has, perhaps inevitably, prompted an abundance of home security systems to hit the market. Many of these systems are touted as must-haves, but how important is a home security system really? This article is going to explore this question; we’re going to discuss whether the benefits of home … Continue reading

Does my fire alarm expire?

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

Though every house is legally obligated to contain a fire alarm, many people sleep in their beds blissfully unaware that their fire alarm is past its expiration date — leaving their home and their families at a considerably higher fire risk. In fact, fire alarms need to be replaced at least every ten years, starting … Continue reading

The Future of CCTV

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

CCTV was first used in WWII; a camera was created inside of a box to monitor the launch of the Germans’ V2 rocket. It’s been over 75 years since this conception, and while the use has certainly changed, with CCTV now used almost exclusively to detect criminal activity both domestically and commercially, little has changed … Continue reading

5 Tips to Securing Your Home During the Festive Season

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for most. Unfortunately for some, Christmas time attracts many opportunistic criminals, taking advantage of the many inviting features that the holiday season brings. Luckily, by following our top five tips, you can have yourself a very merry Christmas: Make sure neither your presents nor the christmas … Continue reading

Laws Around Home CCTV

Posted on by DPL Fire & Security

The technological advancements of security cameras combined with the decrease in application costs has seen a sudden rise in domestic CCTV use across the country. Some CCTV cameras act simply as a deterrent and may be very limited in functionality, if functional at all. On the other hand, many CCTV cameras are full of features, … Continue reading